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Issued Patents

The following list of patents were written and/or prosecuted by Thedford I. Hitaffer.

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Number Title
9,527,634 Dispensing paint can lid and stand combination
9,375,371 Adjustable wheelchair elevating leg rest
9,354,008 Magazine loading device
9,341,433 Drop away arrow rest system with delayed release mechanism
9,271,887 Patient support apparatus having an auxiliary wheel
9,205,011 Pneumatic mattress
9,080,505 Real time in-line water-in-fuel emulsion apparatus, process and system
9,021,637 Wheelchair cushion with adjustable/multi-stiffness fluid
8,979,399 Monopod turret support
8,960,699 Suspension seat for use on wheelchair
8,893,796 Wellbore valve assembly
8,783,975 Monopod turret support
8,746,710 Patient support apparatus having an auxiliary wheel
8,662,720 Fold-up beacon and associated post for vehicles
8,622,178 In-hub braking system for manual wheelchairs
8,572,996 Air conditioning system with hybrid mode bleed air operation
8,540,255 Combination of a trolley for carrying cleaning materials and bucket structure
8,468,644 Method of and apparatus for cleaning a floor
8,452,508 Braking system for patient support
8,246,350 Safety attachment for orthodontic wires and pliers to apply attachment
8,235,045 Forehead and nose bridge pad for CPAP interface
7,918,510 Pathology related individual modular orthopedic seating system
7,918,510 Pathology related individual modular orthopedic seating system
7,896,438 Shapeable wheelchair seatback assembly
7,857,394 Wheelchair seat back with two-point mounting hardware
7,779,496 Air mattress for bed with step deck
7,668,634 Personal mobility vehicle control system with input functions programmably mapped to output functions
7,631,379 High/low bed and leg assembly for raising and lowering the high/low bed
7,614,704 Wheelchair seat cushion
7,584,516 Knee pillow
7,530,878 Grinding machine with a concentricity correction system
7,475,569 Exhaust positioned at the downstream end of a glass melting furnace
7,456,537 Control system for bearingless motor-generator
7,437,782 Load sensing safety device for vertical lift
7,428,759 Patient lift with support legs that spread over two ranges of motion
7,377,588 Backrest with splined mount
7,367,091 Attachment device for attaching a lifting sling to a hoist
7,360,781 Foldable wheelchair and axle plate therefor
7,353,566 Adjustable wheel assembly
7,310,776 Control system with customizable menu structure for personal mobility vehicle
7,249,777 Camber tube level
7,249,773 Angle adjustable camber
7,231,689 Adjustable wheel assembly
7,159,181 Control system with customizable menu structure for personal mobility vehicle
7,150,058 Assist handle assembly for beds
7,146,666 Seat cushion and method for carrying pressure-distributing medium in a seat cushion
7,144,205 Insert retention screw and tool body and insert therewith
7,134,371 Apparatus for guiding continuous fibers
7,125,207 Tool holder with integral coolant channel and locking screw therefor
7,113,854 Personal mobility vehicle control system with input functions programmably mapped to output functions
7,032,265 Assist device for getting into and out of sitting or prone positions on beds and similar furniture
7,021,640 Wheelchair and wheel mounting assembly therefore
7,007,965 Center-of-gravity tilt-in-space wheelchair
6,974,194 Wheel mount assembly
6,929,426 Indexable cutting tool
6,913,427 Adjustment device for self-colleting drill motors
6,823,746 Magnetoelastic torque sensor for mitigating non-axisymmetric inhomogeneities in emanating fields
6,813,909 Reinforcement member for a bushing tip plate and related method
6,769,844 Cutting insert and method of making the same
6,739,808 Tool holder
6,702,526 Cutting tool
6,702,525 Cutting tool for a bar peeling operation
6,701,754 Screen for use in a glass fiber bushing system and bushing system therewith
6,688,693 Seat back assembly
6,688,571 Adjustable joystick support and wheelchair therewith
6,648,560 Cutting insert
6,633,216 Self-locating coil assembly
6,625,894 Position-adjusting device
6,601,271 System for mounting a wheel on a bed
6,582,164 Roller twist drill
6,578,216 Toroidal shaped bed construction
6,577,133 Inductive measurement of armature travel within a solenoid valve
6,568,874 Pivot joint
6,568,623 Method for controlling wind angle and waywind during strand package buildup
6,558,086 Broach for use in performing machining operations
6,547,206 Seat suspension for wheelchair
6,520,594 Axle plate for a wheelchair and wheelchair therewith
6,519,794 Side rail, side rail kinematic, and lock lever and lock pin for side rail
6,499,756 Footrest assembly and wheelchair therewith
6,474,869 Bushing
6,473,922 Kinematic motion of articulated bed
6,444,289 Perforated faced insulation assembly
6,435,181 Respiratory mask with adjustable exhaust vent
6,425,545 Method and apparatus of building multiple packages on a single collet
6,363,556 Linkage for an articulating bed
6,362,717 Coil assembly
6,357,793 Anti-tip wheel
6,352,273 Seat mounting assembly
6,321,507 Apparatus for packaging insulation material
6,318,751 Angled axle bracket for a wheelchair
6,312,002 Wheel lock and wheelchair with a wheel lock
6,312,000 Wheelchair fender and method of mounting wheelchair fender
6,298,841 Paintball gun and light emitting projectile-type ammunition for use therewith
6,296,265 Recliner wheelchair having adjustable pivot point
6,273,445 Wheel mounting assembly and wheelchair therewith
6,264,225 Adjustable side frame and wheelchair with adjustable side frame
6,264,218 Adjustable wheelchair frame
6,250,661 Tilt system for a powered wheelchair seat
6,247,878 Device and method for adjusting the position of cutting inserts mounted in a cutting tool
6,247,717 Wheel mounting assembly
6,241,275 Foldable wheelchair and link configuration for foldable wheelchair
6,234,732 Tie down loop for motorized wheelchair
6,234,576 Universal wheelchair footrest bracket assembly
6,234,507 Suspension system for a wheelchair
6,227,559 Growable wheelchair
6,224,156 Seat back recliner kit for wheelchair
6,217,052 Notched axle bracket support for a wheelchair
6,217,050 Adjustable footrest
6,214,456 Headliner material with polyester and non-polyester layers
6,196,568 Robust adjustable rotary positioning mechanism
6,182,992 Quick change camber tube assembly and wheelchair with quick change camber tube assembly
6,168,178 Convertible wheelchair and a method for converting a wheelchair chassis
6,161,360 Apparatus for supporting reinforcement bar
6,150,287 Vehicle headliner with burlap layers
6,145,612 Removable battery case with locking mechanism for a powered wheelchair
6,135,476 Wheelchair seat support bracket
6,101,648 Ramp assembly for an articulating bed
6,095,271 Battery mounting system for a powered wheelchair
6,082,349 Phosphorescent paintball and kit including phosphorescent paintball, exciter, and gun
6,070,898 Suspension system for a wheelchair
6,070,437 Tip-plate thermocouple
6,059,370 Wheelchair seat back pelvic support system
6,033,025 Notched support pads for cushioning wheelchair seatback
6,032,976 Wheelchair with tilting seat
6,000,075 Handle engagable with a grid structure
5,971,417 Wheelchair with pivotal back rest
5,964,347 Package for a bed section and a method packaging the bed section
5,842,900 Photo doll
5,762,058 Exciter for luminescent projectile
5,715,551 Convertible furniture
5,680,654 Smoker’s glove
5,643,102 Golf club set having progressively offset faces
5,513,622 Fastening device
5,473,835 Jigging apparatus
5,473,309 Apparatus for testing an irrigation system controller and method of testing irrigation systems
5,462,425 Apparatus for demoisturizing coal
5,435,214 Adjustable locking plier
5,433,439 Golf club set having progressively offset faces
5,431,337 Reply mail envelope
5,430,906 Bicycle tire scraper
5,429,340 Modular security fence
5,426,901 Molding assembly
5,421,159 Beverage cooler and dispenser
5,421,074 Pick proof deadbolt conversion kit
5,419,707 Swivel electrical connector
5,419,002 Dipstick wiper
5,416,542 Apparatus for use in projecting a picture image onto a remote surface
5,409,753 Publication marker and method of using the same
5,409,276 Readily releasable hasp and staple
5,409,251 Landing gear assembly
5,405,330 Syringe needle holder
5,405,018 Dishwasher attachment for supporting a freezer bag
5,402,902 Wall outlet box extension
5,400,625 Locking key ring
5,400,225 Optical fiber illumination device
5,396,883 Nebulizer valve assembly for use in a ventilation circuit
5,388,800 Protective guard for a security alarm device
5,386,599 Portable sofa and bathing unit
5,385,557 Shielding device for a syringe needle
5,384,198 Wall shelf bracket
5,379,489 Bag closure clamp with hinge-supplementing complementary cam surfaces
5,370,605 Cervical visualization harness
5,358,161 Belt mounted spackle pan holder
5,356,426 Refillable ice pack
5,353,974 Surgical needle system
5,344,405 Single-use syringe
5,343,575 Portable bathing unit
5,340,629 Adhesive tape
5,338,097 Furniture construction
5,337,933 Convertible article carrier
5,328,077 Method and apparatus for treating female urinary incontinence
5,327,632 Pick proof deadbolt conversion kit
5,325,737 Cover for levers
5,325,691 Method and apparatus for use in picking and decoding sidebar locks
5,325,546 Hand held spittoon
5,313,723 Perpetual calendar
5,311,803 Cheese slicer
5,311,166 Security vestibule
5,297,404 Bolt for an inner cylinder lock
5,289,218 Apparatus for assisting camera in photographing cylindrical objects
5,285,992 Adjustable step stool
5,285,765 Magazine assembly for gas-powered gun and combination thereof
5,282,629 Automatic golf ball teeing apparatus
5,267,977 No-stick syringe
5,257,592 Anchor shock absorber
5,249,506 Rotary piston machines with a wear-resistant driving mechanism
5,246,265 Lounge chair
5,244,394 Dental education kit
5,242,030 Deer stand
5,224,229 Infant protective device for use in vehicles
5,216,771 Leg pillow
5,215,364 Recipe file
5,212,963 Refrigerant device for insulated beverage holder
5,210,987 Molding system for replacement doors and windows
5,189,798 Alignment gauge
5,181,757 Plastic bag carrier
5,181,533 Controlled dispenser
5,178,439 Child safety belt sleeve
5,178,321 Mailbox cover
5,178,157 Phlebotomy device and method of use thereof
5,174,684 Apparatus and method of removing cable
5,174,007 Weldless panel patching method
5,173,974 Convertible furniture
5,172,974 Illumination device
5,158,281 Portable basketball goal assembly
5,154,398 Spring stretcher
5,153,952 Latch assembly for a convertible sofa bed
5,146,640 Latching assembly for a convertible sofa bed
5,141,439 Keyword teaching and testing method
5,140,943 Fish feeding apparatus
5,137,054 Flow and pressure responsive valve
D747,257 Wheel rim trim
D747,148 Shaker bottle
D745,447 Wheel rim trim
D743,051 Gate
D739,180 Shaker bottle
D692,792 Pendant hanger
D668,087 Siderail
D656,765 Footboard
D656,764 Headboard
D656,763 Frame cover
D656,762 Siderail
D631,898 Loader machine
D631,897 Loader machine
D629,019 Excavator arm
D629,017 Backhoe loader
D628,604 Loader arms
D628,599 Backhoe loader
D625,246 Cab roof
D624,945 Bonnet
D624,944 Bonnet
D612,186 Arm pad accessory
D612,184 Foldable infant changing pad
D595,668 Control pendant
D595,667 Staff control
D480,195 Frame member
D455,985 Footrest assembly housing
D451,851 Wheelchair frame
D445,614 Pivotable support for an articulated bed
D438,604 Bath
D437,143 Sleep surface
D436,703 Baby bottle scrubber
D436,474 Side rail for a bed
D429,665 Wheelchair suspension
D429,186 Gearbox housing for a power wheelchair
D424,482 Caster block for coupling a stroller caster assembly to a stroller frame
D423,993 Rear wheel mounting clamp for a wheelchair
D419,496 Fork for supporting a wheelchair caster
D415,981 Extruded seat frame with adjustable track system for a wheelchair
D415,076 Caster plate for coupling a wheelchair caster fork to a wheelchair caster leg
D413,843 Extruded seatback frame with adjustable track system for a wheelchair
D413,842 Combined swing-arm clamp and axle clamp for clamping an axle to the swing-arm of a suspension chassis wheelchair
D412,686 Pair of caster legs for coupling a wheelchair caster assembly to a wheelchair frame
D412,142 Extruded frame with adjustable track system for a wheelchair
D412,141 Extruded base frame with adjustable track system for a wheelchair
D412,140 Fork for supporting a wheelchair caster
D392,830 Leg pillow
D375,587 Dog leash
D366,877 Portable satellite antenna mount
D366,280 Luminous drawing surface and night light
D362,155 Elongated cooking utensil
D361,355 Golf ball and tee setter
D359,018 Trailer ball hitch cover kit
D358,937 Basket liner
D358,794 Trailer ball hitch cover kit
D355,034 Cervical visualization harness
D354,536 Golf putter
D353,495 Article of furniture constructed from tires
D353,291 Article hanger
D350,570 Anti-substance abuse board game
D348,858 Plant support
D348,640 Foldable bicycle carrier for automobiles
D348,293 Photo doll
D347,933 Undershirt having insulated upper arms, forearms, and midriff
D347,913 Animal habitat
D347,621 Electrical safety plug
D347,550 Electric range control panel cover
D347,475 Magnetic resonance imaging coil bracket
D347,117 Releasable small game carrier
D346,312 Rack for drinking glasses
D344,613 Feline scratch pad
D344,563 Golf practice putter
D344,346 Deer stand
D343,689 All terrain folding umbrella blind
D342,666 Scuba cylinder attachment block
D341,300 Core sample extracting tool
D339,950 Shopping cart pillow