"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." Albert Einstein

What We Offer

At Hitaffer & Hitaffer, our clients benefit from decades of experience in developing intellectual property strategies.  We counsel clients from product development through intellectual property protection. Our attorneys have prepared and/or prosecuted over 250 patents and have provided countless legal opinions.

We take our role as counselors very seriously and offer our clients a wide range of services. Our attorneys actively participate with clients in ideation sessions to flush out and document new inventions. We counsel clients in trademark selection processes. We conduct product and trademark clearance studies and provide clearance opinions. Our attorneys participate in meetings and conference calls with general counsel, key executives, and engineering directors, counseling clients and assisting clients in developing a dynamic plan for managing their intellectual property portfolios.

We seek the broadest protection to which our clients are entitled, with the understanding that narrowly drafted patent claims are easier for competitors to design around.  Such claims may have little value. We challenge the USPTO to allow broad protection that provides extra value to our clients.

Offering proactive services that aid in policing our clients’ intellectual property is a key tactic for protecting our clients’ business assets. We attend trade shows with our clients and scour the internet reviewing competitors’ websites to identify potentially infringing products and services. Providing watch services for patents and trademarks is another useful tool for protecting our clients’ intellectual property. And our attorneys conduct thorough infringement studies supported by comprehensive legal opinions to further assist our clients in enforcing their intellectual property rights.

Managing an intellectual property portfolio can be a daunting task. At Hitaffer & Hitaffer, we offer assistance in managing our clients’ intellectual property portfolios, identifying offensive and defensive patents, and associating intellectual property with products and services to aid our clients in readily maintaining their intellectual property throughout its useful life.