"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." Steve Jobs

Commitment to Clients

At Hitaffer & Hitaffer, we are committed to our clients. We make every effort to understand our clients’ business objectives and direction, which allows us to better serve them.

We work with our clients to develop creative approaches to representation. Depending on the client’s willingness to participate, we educate clients so that they can take on certain responsibilities in their matters to better manage the cost of legal services or improve the quality of the legal service, or we handle matters entirely for clients, while keeping them abreast of progress in the matters.

Our firm is committed to providing sound instructions, to equipping clients with the knowledge necessary to avoid problems or to better prepare clients when problems arise.

Encouraging our attorneys and clients to strategize jointly assists our clients in developing business strategies and provides our clients with informed business choices and viable options. We are committed to lead our clients in the right direction. We simplify legal advice so that our clients clearly understand how to apply strategies and solutions.

Our attorneys are committed to keeping our clients informed about new developments in the law, and alert them about specific developments in their industry and their competition.

At Hitaffer & Hitaffer, we know that business operations do not always end at the close of a business day, and that some concerns often require immediate attention. Because of this, we try to make ourselves directly accessible to our clients at any time, at their convenience.

Our commitment to our clients is ever present, even when our clients are not. They can trust us to get their work done, to do what is necessary to get it done on time, and to do it efficiently, with honesty and integrity.

Firms that have one fee arrangement may not work for clients. That is why at Hitaffer & Hitaffer, we fashion fee arrangements suitable for our clients, whether they are reasonable billable fees, project fees, fixed fees, fee caps or contingent fees. We aspire to provide legal services that provide greater value to clients every year.

At Hitaffer & Hitaffer, it is all about the client. We encourage our clients to express any concerns, and we will take immediate action to alleviate those concerns because our commitment to our clients is first and foremost.